Summer Squares

The Academic Camp Company: Operating our own programs, and providing turnkey outsourcing solutions for schools, colleges, universities and organizations.

Services for schools, colleges and universities who do not have their own summer program:

Summer Squares runs ‘private label’ academic summer camps for colleges and universities across the country. You, the host venue, choose your academic focus, style of program… you choose your vision, and we implement it. The summer program is branded as your camp; not as our camp. We operate behind-the-scenes. We ensure that all aspects run successfully and that no detail is overlooked.

Similar to a property management company or an event planner, Summer Squares is a full service turnkey solution. We specialize in running academic camps for pre-college students. We manage all aspects of marketing, catalog and website development, financials, registration, operations, human resources, legal, safety and, of course, curriculum. In addition to offering the full product, we also work individually with schools who may already have a summer program or who may wish to continue operating some of these items in house. We can give you the whole camp, or simply the parts that you need most – for example, marketing, mailing and online registration.

Running Our Own Programs:

We also run our own programs. This two-pronged approach means we stay busy!

Contact us if you want to take your program to the next level:

phone: 718.237.8757